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Red Mountains from Imogene Pass

Photo Ops > Arizona

Arizona > Northeast

  • Overview
  • Mt Evans
  • St Marys Glacier
  • Webster/Red Cone
  • Mohawk Lakes
  • Indian Peaks
  • Guanella Pass
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Denver Botanic Gardens

How to get there:

GPS - Garden Entrance 39.7322 -104.9598 Directions

The Denver Botanic Gardens is located at 1005 York Street. 

Photo Ops:Flowersbutterflies

Wonderful opportunities for flower and butterfly photos. The displays change throughout the seasons as different flowers come into bloom, so it is deserving of several visits throughout the year.

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Arizona > Northwest

  • Overview
  • Black Canyon
  • Maroon Bells
  • Marble/Crystal Mill
  • Cripple Creek/Victor
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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

How to get there:

GPS - The Zoo 38.7718 -104.8528 Directions

Located in southwest Colorado Springs on the side of Cheyenne Mountain, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is situated just above the Broadmoor Hotel. 

Photo Ops: Zoo Animals

Located in Colorado Springs, it is less visited by people here in the Denver area, but a great location for animal photos.

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Arizona > Southeast

  • Overview
  • Grand Mesa
  • Colorado NM
  • Rattlesnake Canyon
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Eldorado Canyon SP

Eldorado Canyon State Park

How to get there:

GPS - Park Entrance 39.9324 -105.2801 Directions
Daily Vehicle Pass - $8.

Eldorado Canyon is located about 5 miles southwest of Boulder. On weekends and holidays from May through September, the entire park often reaches full vehicle capacity and additional vehicles are only allowed entrance periodically, as space becomes available. 

Photo Ops: Scenic vistasrock climbingwildflowers

Located just outside of Boulder, rock climbers from around the world come to assail the steep canyon walls with the scenic South Boulder Creek at their base. Mule deer, elk, black bear, bobcat, red fox, coyote and mountain lion inhabit the foothills in and around Eldorado Canyon. Large populations of bats breed in the caves in the Inner Canyon.  Try some of the trails. Get some photos of the climbers.

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Arizona > Southwest

  • Overview
  • Slate River/Wash Gulch
  • Lake Irwin
  • Kebler Pass
  • Ohio Creek
  • Cement Creek
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