Bainbridge Papermat

Comparable to the Crescent Decorative line, Bainbridge Papermat is a buffered, acid-free line of matboard not intended for conservation mounting. Providing a complete range of the most popular colors, Bainbridge Papermat has consistent colors and clean, creamy bevels.

Color Swatches

I have scanned actual mats with a Datacolor Spectraflash SF600X spectrophotometer and converted the LAB values to RGB. With a monitor calibrated to D65 and a gamma of 2.2 the colors displayed will be as close to the real thing as is digitally possible.

However, whites and most off-whites do not convert to RGB values with visual accuracy.

Also, metallics cannot be duplicated. The metallic swatches on this page do convey an overall color appearance.

Labels in blue indicate a pattern. I am showing the overall color of the mat.

Labels in red indicate swatches I consider standard colors and are normally in stock.



702 Horizon Blue Horizon Blue 851 Blackberry Cream Blackberry Cream
781 Grey Morn Grey Morn 864 Regatta Regatta
816 Deep Plum Deep Plum 880 Quartz Quartz
849 Grape Grape  


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768 Wedgewood Wedgewood 819 Alpine Blue Alpine Blue 837 Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
801 Blue Grey Blue Grey 835 Wisteria Wisteria 876 Gravel Gravel
804 Light Azure Light Azure 836 Royal Royal 885 Delft Blue Delft Blue


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46 Dark Blue Dark Blue 742 Cerulean Cerulean 817 Liberty Blue Liberty Blue
856 Blue Jay Blue Jay 752 Admiralty Admiralty 860 Baby Blue Baby Blue
857 China Blue China Blue 785 Dutch Blue Dutch Blue 874 Independence Blue Independence Blue
716 French Blue French Blue 786 Slate Blue Slate Blue 884 Dolomite Dolomite


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588 Bayou Bayou 842 Shamrock  Shamrock
724 Gobelin Blue Gobelin Blue 843 Evergreen Evergreen
750 Mountain Grey Mountain Grey 852 Silverpine  Silverpine
795 Slate Slate 853 Slate Green Slate Green
818 Nile Green Nile Green 854 Caribbean Blue Caribbean Blue
822 Jade  Jade 878 Malachite Malachite
841 Juniper Juniper  


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589 Eucalyptus Eucalyptus 875 Herbal Green Herbal Green
823 Desert Palm Desert Palm 877 Olivine Olivine
865 Laurel Laurel 881 Silverstone Silverstone


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211 Warm Grey Warm Grey 747 Timberline Timberline 84 Dark Green Dark Green
590 Kiwi  Kiwi 748 Pewter Pewter 861 Basil Basil
715 Meadow Green Meadow Green 802 Green Whisper Green Whisper 868 Forest Green Forest Green


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47 Canary Canary 596 El Dorado El Dorado 856 Lemonade Lemonade
81 Ivory Ivory 599 Biscuit Biscuit 858 Buttercup Buttercup
119 Chestnut Chestnut 772 Bisque Bisque 870 Sheepskin Sheepskin
128 Off White Off White 824 Chantilly Chantilly  
203 Cream Cream 844 Seaside Seaside


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412 Tan Tan 771 Paloma Paloma 788 Vanilla Vanilla
414 Sea Foam Sea Foam 774 Hemp Hemp 791 Oyster Oyster
592 Coronado Coronado 776 Peat  Peat 862 Straw Straw
598 Sahara Sahara 778 Grey Beige Grey Beige  
726 Autumn Gold Autumn Gold 784 Desert Sand Desert Sand


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760 Brique Brique 767 Sandpiper Sandpiper 866 Burnt Orange Burnt Orange
764 Stonehenge Griege Stonehenge Griege 777 Umber  Umber 871 Sepia Sepia
766 Cognac Cognac 783 French Creme French Creme 879 Sand Sand


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736 Mahogany Mahogany 769 Seaspray Seaspray 825 Alabaster Alabaster
744 Sienna Sienna 770 Soapstone Soapstone 856 Tearose Tearose
762 Rouge Rouge 782 Scotch Mist Scotch Mist 869 Tomato Tomato
763 Rose Marquis Rose Marquis 811 Doeskin Doeskin 873 English Rose English Rose


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48 Maroon Maroon 846 Seashell Seashell
79 Crimson Crimson 857 Lipstick Lipstick
593 Cranberry Cranberry 863 Tulip Tulip
594 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf  


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805 Lavender Mist Lavender Mist 815 Ruby Ruby 848 Rasberry Rasberry
806 Stucco Stucco 847 Rose Rose  


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61 Super White Super White 71 Brilliant White Brilliant White
65 Fabric White Fabric White 754 Porcelain Porcelain

Greys and Blacks

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41 Charcoal Charcoal 751 Ebony Ebony 789 Granite Granite
88 TV Grey TV Grey 756 Candlewick Candlewick 794 Warm Grey Warm Grey
89 Black Black 761 Gull Grey Gull Grey 872 Silversmith Silversmith